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Current Projects

EMBRace: Engaging, Managing, and Bonding through Race

While pedagogical theories are often focused on youth education, the current project focuses on strengthening the education of caregivers regarding their socialization methods of their adolescent children regarding race. EMBRace, or Engaging, Managing, and Bonding through Race, is a 4-session intervention designed to reduce racial stress and trauma for both parent and youth within the racial socialization process.

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Preventing Long-term Anger and Aggression in Youth (PLAAY), a program developed for youth and parents, provides strategies for managing stress during intense face-to-face conflicts so they can perform better in the classroom and in neighborhoods.

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Teacher Professional Development

The Teacher Professional Development program by the R­acial Empowerment Collaborative (REC) seeks to increase racial literacy—the ability to read, recast, and resolve racially stressful social interactions—of teachers and school leaders. At REC, we view the ability to cope with racial stress as a matter of skill, not character or morality. 

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At the Racial Empowerment Collaborative (REC), we believe racial literacy should be a part of every child’s socio-educational experience. Racial literacy is critical in helping children recognize and resolve racial stress in school, at home, and in the world around them. Our children’s literary magazine, REfleCtions, builds children’s racial literacy skills using developmentally appropriate approaches to tackle the daily racial issues children face. 

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