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Race, Science, and Media

In the United States, race is often considered taboo to talk about and, thus, is often avoided when brought up in conversation. However, racial moments are always happening, as part of all of our personal experiences, and within everything we consume through the media. Unfortunately, the stigma of talking about race leaves many people unable to have meaningful discussions that allow them to clearly and honestly express themselves and resolve racial stress. In schools, this is a particularly troublesome concern; racial stress can cause unhealthy relationships between teachers and students (and between students).   

Through the Race, Science, and Media project, the goal is for all of us to get better at identifying situations that cause us racial stress and be able to express ourselves in a healthy way during these moments. The project will explore what scientists have claimed about the connection between race, genetics, and abilities. In school, what we learn about is often racialized (e.g., topics in history, the way we are asked to speak and write, etc.), so it is important that we know how to be critical of the information we consume and are taught. From these explorations, the Race, Science, and Media project will create our own set of media.